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appointed a new eacting head of the irs. and pievt from the scandals. the president will seek to shift the focus to his agenda, jobs, jobs and more jobs. live on capitol hill monitoring the irs hearing. >> steve miller facing tough questions. what stood out the most during the testimony. seems to be the biggest sin is of omission. >> going into this hearing we expected mr. miller to receive tough questioning from both republicans and democrats but the tough questioning from democrats subsided after the opening remarks from the republicans simulating joe crowley that he felt the republicans went too political off the top. how did they go too political? he thought they were trying to directly tie the scandal at the irs to the white house by evoking the national organization for marriage list. what was fascinating is how mr. miller said that there is no partisanship going on. what was going on was low level staffers trying to have a foolish way of managing their work load. which is certainly an odd answert that will get more scrutiny next week. take a look at the contention between the re
. is his whole second term going up in smoke? we begin tonight with the growing irs scandal, which has the administration in full-scale damage control mode. and just over an hour ago, the highly anticipated inspector general's report on this was released. cnbc's eamon javers joins us with details. good evening. >> good evening, this is the report you're talking about. it's a report from the inspector general, who deals with the irs. let's walk through a couple key findings here that have been absorbing washington over the past couple days. now is our first chance to actually dive in and read the report. here's what they said they found. they found that the irs has used inappropriate criteria that identified tea party and other groups applying for tax exempt status. the irs also caused delays in processing certain applications, and it issued unnecessary information requests to groups for information such as who their donors are and other identifying information about how they operated. so take a look at some of the criteria here that the tigta report says the irs was using in krut scru
are watching developing news on capitol hill where outgoing acting irs commissioner steven miller will testify this hour to the house ways and means committee. this will be his first public comments since the story exploded about the agency singling out conservative groups for special scrutiny. miller resigned his post on wednesday after treasury secretary jack lu asked him to step down but miller doesn't actually leave until next week. good morning from washington. it's friday, may 17th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. today's i profile session, first of what will be a series of hearings over the next several weeks grilling current and former irs officials about whether and why conservative groups who sought tax-exempt status were singled out for special scrutiny by the agency and whether congress was misled about that policy when they had been asking about it for a couple years. also set to testify today the treasury department inspector general russell george who released a report tuesday making it clear senior irs officials had been aware of the policy for over a year. y
. today, the irs scandal. how far does it reach? >> it is inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be in prison. someone needs to be prosecuted. >> this is not limited to the irs. this is a culture of intimidation. >> chris: the president promises to fix the problem as the white house goes into damage control and congressional investigations gear up. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. >> chris: we will talk with a member of the president's inner circle senior advisor dan pfeiffer and leading republican and member of the first committee to probe the irs scandal, congressman paul ryan. what does this crisis of confidence mean for the president's big government agenda? we he will ask our sunday panel about the storm clouds of distrust gathering over the white house. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. someone described it as hell week for the w
into irs wrongdoing and tragedy at benghazi, we're going to take a close look at where this is all headed. starting with the strategist at the center of white house damage control, adviser dan pfeiffer. dan, thanks for coming back to "this week." >> thanks for having me. >>> let's talk about the irs first. you and others have said that no one in the white house knew about irs actions before getting the heads up on the inspector general's report last month, are you absolutely sure of that? >> yes, that's what -- that's what we looked at. that's the first we heard of it. as it has been said, the deputy secretary of treasury was made aware as the investigation was beginning. no one in the white house was aware. what we actually knew, there was an investigation coming to a conclusion. not that we knew the results. we didn't see the report it until it was released last wednesday. >> until wednesday. last june, the deputy treasury secretary is told, as far as you know, he did not tell his boss treasury secretary tim geithner and he didn't tell the white house? >> that's correct. >> now, from th
the irs is asking is are these committees and organizations that are applying to less to political? if they are they should register under section 527 to social welfare organizations and charities are not supposed to be shadow political parties. they are not supposed the shatt a political action committees or candidate committees. they are supposed to exist for the advancement of social welfare. they are allowed to do lobbying. they are allowed to express advocacy. but there must be a limited mount of their budget and time and resources and the irs is also asking whether or not these groups are set up for private benefit. they do not want a charity to be masquerading as a tax-exempt organization when it is not benefiting the general public but a private entity. host: to help our audience understand this more we have some information regarding 501(c)4. they do not have to pay taxes on their revenue nor publicly disclose donors and typically said the leagues, social welfare groups, or local associations. some examples include the nra r the sierra club. does the tea party fit in with
could face grilling over the irs scandal. >> irs employees singled out conservative political groups. >> the administration is under fire. >> prior to the 2012 election. >> is it all partisan politics? >> i have no patience with it. >> we had these before. where were the republicans in 2004 sfl. >> george bush had naacp audited. >> there's no targeting. >> irs commissioner was a bush appointee. >> there's absolutely no targeting. >> this is not a new program. >> this is the back and forth that happens when people apply for 501 c designation. >> take it away or make it full disclosure. >> what needs to happen next. >> the issue of talking points. >> passionate on the game with benghazi. >> the process has been a side show. >> never seen quite that look. >> the president's anger and frustration. >> this was a terrorist attack. >> focusing more on the talking points than substantive issues. >> no acts of terror will shake the resolve of this nation. >> active terror is different than a terrorist attack. >> the nation praise for those injured in this unbelievable act of terror. >> act of
♪ imus in the morning ♪ >> look at this everybody, hearings into the irs targeting a conservative political groups. it's underway on capitol hill. you're going to see the outgoing head of the irs, steve miller, questioned about the targeting on his watch and who knew about it. and here he is, jay russell george, the man who wrote the report on the targeting. who did what? and this is the opening statement going on right now. but first, i've got this irs news development. fox confirmed that ingram who managed the office that targeted conservatives is now running the irs office that oversees the implementation of obamacare. the irs, obamacare office, has access to your most personal health information. front and center on "varney & company" today, the irs scandal. now, we're not going to neglect the market, i'm going to tell you now, the market, the dow will open higher today, maybe up 50 points, what a week. monica is with me, charles payne is with me. and we're waiting, it should be a couple of minutes from now, that steve miller addresses, this is the house committee on ways and
with great conservative news tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> this is a fox news alert. the irs executive who was head of the division targeting conservative groups is now running the obamacare office at the irs. abc political director rick klein reports us. abc news broke that story tonight. who is she? >> sarah hall ingram and she was in charge of the whole commission that takes care of the tax exempt groups. they are the ones overseeing the whole division in cincinnati that was targeting tea partyers. she was in charge of it during the entire period. she's been in the new job about a week. the guy who took her place in that job, joseph grant, he's actually -- they announced his resignation today. he would be retiring in a couple weeks anyway and looks like he's taking the fall for something that happened on his watch. >> he was only there eight days and he's shoved out the door. this woman, now her job is very controversial, obviously under the spotlight with those groups being targeted. but now this other job, what's the other job she has being in charge of obamacare? >> oba
is the irs official who disclose tea party groups application for tax- exempt status. also, a former irs commissioner and the current acting director, stephen miller, who has thegned, as well as treasury inspector general. irs and treasury officials testified before the house. if you missed their testimony, you can go back and watch them online at the c-span video library. there was a news conference on capitol hill about the irs targeting conservative groups. michele, mitch mcconnell, and representatives from tea party groups spoke for about 45 minutes. >> thank you for being here. my name is michele bachmann. am a member of congress. i am a chairman of the tea party caucus in the house of representatives. and a former tax litigation attorney for the irs, as will government to repeal obamacare. this is a momentous day. one week ago today, we held a hearing in the house of representatives on benghazi. questions were asked one week ago today. one week ago tomorrow, we found out devastating information again, the irs apparently used for political purposes information about people's beliefs
. testimony from the outgoing acting irs commissioner as well as the treasury inspector general for tax of ministration. but want to see your thoughts of what you saw, hrd, and readabour hearings coming up regarding this case. you can also reach out by a social media. more from the path front page of wall streetg's " journal," they write -- we want to hear what you have to say about this story and the coverage of yesterday's hearing. lindarst call comes from in columbus, ohio on our line for democrats. you are on "washington journal." caller: this is double down dumbing of the republican party. we should be grateful to the irs. anyone who has the name "tea party: t-notes political. party" denotes political. amm sick of the tea party, i sick of what they stand for, and we should be grateful to the irs for what they have done. they needed help. they shorted the people power there because of republicans. that is one way of singling out giving money for political views. dan from us move on to jacksonville florida. you are on "washington journal." i think regardless of party lines and partis
and the other story, the irs story that the president also reacted to very strongly and with very sharp language. all ahead this hour. but this is one of those news days when the news was breaking like waves in the ocean. just one thing after the other. the largest late breaking wave of news today was about the associated press. it is a story that both broken by the "associated press," and it is a story about them, as well. in what seems to be an unprecedented action, the department of justice has written to the "associated press" informing them that the justice department has been spying on their reporters. in a big widespread open-ended way in the "a.p." got no notice about until receiving the letter. specifically the justice department says it secretly obtained two months worth of phone records for more than 20 "a.p." phone lines. includes the main a.p. numbers in washington, d.c. and hartford, connecticut, as well as the a.p. officer for reporters who cover the house of representatives. and it covers the work phone numbers and the personal phone numbers for five "a.p." reporters and their ed
neil: so many scandals, so little time. between benghazi and the irs and snooping on the reporter's thing. and the secretary sitting up private companies which may be against the law thing. we can safely say one thing. the white house is in full panic mode. now the mainstream media is on a tear. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. here is all you need to know how big the scandals are getting. jay carney isn't getting any nice questions. today picked apart like a piÑata on everton the administration knew about constantly revise talking points on benghazi to why the heck it was tracking phone calls of reporters each day, almost each hour. something new, something damning. the irs crackdown went way beyond tea parties which could explain why some commerce and want to make sure the irs doesn't get beyond the oversight into health care. like each revelation gives a new warning. trusting more government if we can't just trust government regardless of where the scandals go it is pretty clear what has already stopped, the ministrations agenda. maybe the administration itself. to rich e
make a scapegoat at the irs? the agency accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups. now the acting irs commissioner is heading out the door, but was he thrown under the bus? but first tonight, fox news chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel. mike? >> house speaker john boehner sent a message today that he was looking for more than somebody to resign from the irs. boehner says this question, who's going to jail over the scandal? republican leaders clearly this is much bigger than acting commissioner steven miller, and though he's on his way out, the hohouse ways and means committee says the hearing set for friday morning will still go on and miller will be there. darrell isa sent an email to miller today requesting transcribed five interviews with employees. they won't be under oath, but it is a crime to lie to congress. it is clear key lawmakers don't believe the irs cincinnati office was acts on its own against conservative and religious groups seeking tax exempt status. greta? >> greta: mike, thank you. we're learning more and more from the just-released bengh
investigating iran's internal report revealing that the agency targeted conservative groups -- irs internal report revealing that the agency targeted conservative groups. we'll hear from the acting commissioner steve miller who was asked to resign wednesday as well as the testimony this morning from the treasury department inspector general for tax administration. center of your screen that is steve miller who will testify. we've also learned that former irs commissioner douglas shulman who is at the helm of the agency during most of the period in which the irs employers were targeting conservative groups will testify before the house oversight committee next wednesday. mr. shulman no longer in government agreed to testify voluntarily, no word yet on whether the head of the irs tax exempt division will testify at the hearing. this hearing before ways and means should get underway shortly. one more note, president obama yesterday tapped a new head, acting head of the irs. it would be danny werfel who is with the office of management and budget, the "washington post" writing this morning that
. >> this is not just limited to the irs. this is a culture of intimidation. >> the president fix the problem as the white house goes into damage control, and congressional investigations gear up. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress, nor the american people. >> chris: we'll talk with a member of the president's inner circle, senior advisor dan pfeiffer, and a member of the first committee to probe the scandal, congressman paul ryan. plus, what does this crisis of confidence mean for the president's big government agenda? we'll ask our sunday panel about the storm clouds of distrust gathering over the white house, all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. someone described it as hell week for the white house, as the president and top advisors had to confront three major scandals, try to limit the damage to the administration, and to pursue mr. obama's second term agenda. joining us now is the president's senior advisor dan pfeiffer. dan, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, c
. generalthe inspector exclusively focused on the irs. >> you were appointed by president bush, is that correct correct? that >> you are not aware of targeting of not-for-profit organizations it? your findings are that no .utside groups were involved >> that is correct. >> who was the last presidentially appointed er?mission and it s >> he was present when these .ctivities were committed is the correct? >> yes. >> the last political appointee everson, is at ?orrectable he was also appointed by president george w. bush. it is believed that groups like the naacp, progressive churches and environmental groups were targeted by the irs. mr. miller, while you were appointed acting commissioner at the irs, you are a career civil servant. is that not the case? >> yes. >> you are not a political appointee. >> i am not. >> what i'm trying to basically the blanc is the notion or idea -- tryin gto debunk are the nonfactual statements by chair camp to link these candles to the white house or solely targeting of conservative groups -- link these scandals to white house. i asked the questions of ms
earlier in testimony in questions that donor lists were requested by the i.r.s. is that accurate? >> that's accurate. in some cases. not all these cases by any stretch of the imagination. >> and the acquisition of those lists ever lead to additional or did those lists trigger any further inquiries? no. i believe what happened is when disgust he paper, we s -- discussed it. . donors may be rellvapt but not asked in every case. if a donor has a contract with the organization, if the donor is doing it for a political purpose. but to just ask for donors without a rationale shouldn't be done. when we saw that it happened, we asked that if they hadn't sent them in we reached out and said don't. if they had, we said we're not going to use these and we didn't. you'll not find them used in any of these cases. there was something -- i don't know how many of these cases there were. maybe 30 or something like that. i could be wrong on that. more than half were not tea party cases that got these list requests by the way. but going back, it was overly broad. it was not necessary. >> thank you. >> i'll
an idea. he's going to tell you. and also breaking, did president obama make a scapegoat at the irs, accused of unfairly targeting conservative groups. he's headed out the door. but was he thrown under the bus? but first, mike emanuel. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner sent a message that he was looking for more than just somebody to resign from the irs. boehner said this question: who's going to jail over this scandal? republican leaders clearly think this is much bigger than acting commissioner steven miller. though he is on his way out, the house ways & means committee says the hearing for friday morning will still go on and miller will be there. darrell issa sent a letter to miller late today, requesting transcribed interviews with five irs employerees, named in the inspector general's report. they won't be under oath. but it is a crime to lie to congress. it is clear that key lawmakers don't believe the irs cincinnatia office was acting on its own against conservative and religious groups seeking tax-exempt status. >> we are learning more and more from the just-released b
in the white house knew about irs actions before getting the heads up on the inspector general report last month, are you absolutely sure of that? >> that's what we looked at. that's the first we heard of it. as has been said, the secretary was made aware as the investigation was beginning. no one in the white house was aware. what we actually knew, there was an investigation coming to a conclusion. not that we knew the results. >> until wednesday. last june, the deputy treasury secretary is told, as far as you know, he did not tell his boss treasury secretary tim geithner and hi didn't tell the white house? >> that's correct. >> from the white house, to irs, or treasury, rob portman is coming up on the program and he's written a letter to president obama, wanting to know what if any private pressure was exerted by the white house or treasury department political appointees on the irs regarding the standards for approving monitoring tax-exempt organizations. particularly 501 c groups. >> take the word of the independent inspector general who said he found no evidence from outside the irs.
himself with people ready to fight on every front. the three problems he faces now, benghazi, the irs and the fbi are less likely to be two problems by this time next week than there are to be four and counting. why? as i said, it's not just that he's under attack. it's that he's vulnerable. that is obvious to everyone this side of the white house gates. joining me right now is nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd and ron, editorial director at "the national journal," also a former national bureau chief for the much selected "associated press." let's begin with the scandal de jure. the administration has been desieged with the department of justice's controversial and sweeping use of subpoenas to secretly collect phone records from more than 100 journalists at the "associated press." those records included two months' worth of outgoing calls for work and personal phone numbers from more than 20 separate phone lines in new york, washington, and hartford. what was d.o.g. looking for? the "ap" was informed their phone records had been seized by the u.s. attorney, ronald ma
committee on how the irs handle tax-exempt investigations for some conservative groups. then chuck hagel and martin sexual on stopping assaults in the military. irs commissioner told congress that foolish mistakes were made by the tax agency's, but they were not motivated by partisanship. he was referring to revelations that conservative groups were targeted filing for non-profits that s. a regulator testifying at the same hearing said he did not find evidence that irs decisions were motivated by politics. this is 3 and a half hours. >> the committee of ways and means will come to order. on may 10, the director of exempt organizations for the irs division that oversees tax- exempt groups finally acknowledge that the agency had been targeting to inserting -- conservative leaning political organization. that the irsd used inappropriate criteria to identify organizations applying for tax-exempt status. the report also confirmed that this abuse of power was as far back as 2010. this goes against the very principles of free speech and liberty on which this country was founded. -- let'snt disr
>> this week on the journal editorial report, the irs under fire over its targeting of conservative groups. it's the very same agency ramping up for the obamacare rollout. could the taxman soon be playing politics with your health insurance? plus, a leak investigation has the press corp in an uproar. the administration says american lives were at risk. but is that reason enough? >> inexcusable and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs, given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. that was president obama this week reacting to just one of the controversies swirling around his administration. news that the internal revenue service targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny in the 2012 election season. the latest scandal has revived partisan behavior and reinforced many people's fears about government who run amuck. joining the panel this week issues columnist and deputy editor,
president met with some of his treasury department advisers, regarding the ifrp rs scandal. irs in the tresry want it. if i had to make a wild guess without knowing anything, you will see him take greater actions, the you dig into it. so that's one possibility. >> yeah, ayman, no surprise, a lot of lawmakers out there are call, for heads to rom on this. >> reporter: that's right, mellissa. this administration has been on its heels as far as scandal. we do know what the speaker of the house said should happen. take a listen to john boehner earlier. >> my question isn't about who's going to resign. my question is, who's going to jail over this scandal? >> and, obviously, mellissa, who is going to jail is a very tough question to ask. we know eric holder, the attorney general says he has oldered a department of justice and fbi investigation into this irs situation. he testified four hours on capitol hill today facing a barrage of questions that got very testy today with arguments back and forth over a range of issues including this irs investigation. where that investigation will g
obama is weighing into the irs controversy. he just finished a live address at the white house where he announced the resignation of the acting chief of the irs. it was a something i called for him to do moments before it happened. anyway, ynbc's own ayman javers joins us from capitol hill. what else did the president say and good evening to you? >> good evening, larry. as you say within the past couple of minutes, we got a letter jack lew sent. he said the inspector general's report yesterday created an urgent need to respore public trust and confidence into the irs by installing new leadership. while i respect your loyal service at the irs, i find it necessary at this time to accept your resignation. it's a response to this situation of the irs agents in cincinnati and elsewhere looking into right wing groups, scrutinizing them in a way they were not scrutinizing left wing groups. the president had a chance to come out before cameras today. he issued a written statement yesterday. just within the past hour or so we saw him in the east room, a formal setting underscoring the seriousnes
washington. released 100 e-mails about benghazi, got rid of the head of the irs. >> americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. >> two erupting scandals. >> the irs has been used as a political tool through history. >> we will hold the responsible parties accountable. >> every day this week. >> veritable storm of scandals. >> brings a new scandal. >> stop calling it a huge scandal. >> everybody simmer down now! >> let the facts speak for themselves. >> the good news, it is fixable. >> i don't understand what they're accusing the president of doing. >> my question isn't about who is going to resign. >> acting commissioner of the irs. >> my question is who is going to jail over this scandal. >> i look forward to taking questions at tomorrow's press conference. >> i don't even understand what they're accusing the president of doing. >> the ap scandal engulfing the administration. >> let's be clear it is perfectly legal. >> we can't count on the administration to be forthcoming. >> mitch mcconnell gets hysterical over nothing. >> house republicans are getting their cha
here monday night. >> greta: tonight, horrible customer service. that is what the outgoing irs acting commissioner calls the ers targeting of conservative groups. horrible customer are service. but members of congress are calling the irs a lot of other things. >> we provided horrible customer service here. >> we will admit that. we did. >> horrible customer service. >> who is responsible for targeting these individuals? >> he don't have names for you, mr. brady. >> we were repeatedly told no such targeting was happening. that isn't being misled, that's lying. >> i think what happened is foolish mess takes were mead by people trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. >> what happened is outrageous and inexcusable and unless those of us who strongly disagree with the tea party on many issues defend it from any impairment and allow it to be as wrong as it wants to be we impair our dem krauthammer he is. democracy. >> why did you mislead congress on the american people on this? >> mr. chairman chairman, i did not mislead congress report american people. >> did the committee
pointed out, this is big news. this kind of inappropriate screening by the irs officials was initiated within the irs and not because of any outside influence from the administration. but the key elements are there. the focus on groups called tea party and patriot. education of the public to make america a better place to live. that's in quote. issues such as taxes, government spending, and even criticism of how the government is being run. so now we have it. the president has it. the waiting game is over. it's time for action. and we're all looking right now at the white house to see what that action will be. chuck todd is chief white house correspondent and political director for nbc news. sam stein covers the white house for the huffington post. let's focus on the hard news right now. but i also want to focus on the reaction we expect from the president. to me, this is the big news here. all of these officials, i'm reading from the ig report, stated that the criteria were not influenced by any individual or organization outside the irs. instead, the determination developed and imple
, the irs targeting certain people and groups because of their conservative politics, and there is always what went on during and after the attack on our consulate in benghazi in libya on september 11th of this past year. in the way only the white house can try to do to move the news agenda with the release of information, release they did. earlier today a slew of e-mails on one of these topics from the height of the benghazi drama while the president emerged late today to take on one of the other troubles -- this one involving the irs. for his part he announced the departure of the boss, the acting irs commissioner. here's part of the president's remarks in the east room just minutes ago. >> the misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the irs given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. as i said earlier, it should not matter what political stripe you're from, the fact of the matter is that the
of the irs now for its admitted improper targeting of groups that support conservative policies. all right? so the irs targets conservatives and now the doj is looking into why the irs did that and whether it may have committed a crime. the doj wide ranging secret the scandal that the doj is at the center of. it's accused of doing something wrong. he have to answer for that today although the attorney general yesterday defended that action. and he will also be asked about the handling of fbi intel in the run-up to the boston marathon bombings. keep in mind, we reported here first a couple of weeks ago that the doj and a magistrate judge effectively shut down the fbi's questioning of dzhokhar tsarnaev, the boston marathon bombing suspect just 16 hours into the questioning. the fbi said it wasn't done. why did they do that? eric holder has yet to explain that. he will be asked about it today. one thing to listen for. we are hearing new suggestions that the white house needs to appoint a special council to look into particular the irs scandal rather than leaving the doj in charge of an invest
. on the hill we're about to hear for the very first time the ousted irs chief talk as he takes questions from congress about his agency's targeting of conservatives. this could get hot. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. big and intriguing day today. well to "america's newsroom". martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this is the house ways and means committee. this is the first of several hearings that will dig into the irs matter and targeting of conservative groups opposed to president obama's agenda. bill: the president has shown the acting chief, steven miller, out the door. he is here today. we will hear from him. he was retiring in a few weeks anyway. many lawmakers are not confident that will be enough to fix matters. straight away to mike emanuel to set the stage for today's hearing. mike, good morning. >> reporter: the chairman. committee, dave camp on the way in said we want to know who hatched this. steven miller, the outgoing commissioner ins irs said errors were made but not based on partisan views. he is in the same room with the inspector general who cra
on the line. it is the president's, the administrations, irs employees that work hard and it is the congress that is involved in this. people are losing confidence in our government and i hope that you feel the same sense to find out what caused this, how it could happen and help us to restore the confidence that americans should have in their government. i yield the balance of my time. >> mr. ryan is recognized for five minutes. >> we is have established and you have acknowledged that you were briefed on may 3 that there was improper criteria used for tax exempt applications. at the briefing you were told that tax exempt applications were targeting if they contain terms such as tea party, patriots, those that criticized how the country was run. after that knowing of the practices you sent letters to congress acknowledging our investigation of the allegations but omitted that the discrimnar actions were taking place. then you came here to a subcommittee hearing on this issue on july 25th. where we are investigating the filters used to hold up the 501 c 4 applications of groups. specifically,
navigating the choppy waters of three scandals. >> the chairman. irs and his was the second head to fall in the scandals that president obama wrestled this week. in a q & a session president obama said the white house and congress can fix the problems of the irs without the need of the special counsel and the tea party groups seeking tax exempt status. he was asked if anyone heard of thems before his counsel got word last month? >> i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked through press, to the press. >> republicans say they complained about the irs between 2010 and 2012. a day after firing the acting commissioner for irs stephen miller, they are attempting to rebuild the trust in the irs. >> we have to make sure it is doing its job scrupulously. >> president obama called for improved training and faster military response to protect the military outpost. >> we need congress to work with us so we can fully implement all of the recommendations. >> the republicans say in march, congress provided more than 2 billion more to address embassy sec
and see this on the front page of "usa today." the big headline above the fold, "irs gave a pass to liberals" referring to one of three scandals threatening the administration. and that's just the beginning. when brian williams is talking watergate, jon stewart stops covering for you and even tax cheat charlie rangel won't stick up for you, things are not looking good at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> the last time the government was found looking into the phone calls of reporters and using the irs for political purposes, it was the nixon era. >> mr. president, when did you find out about the irs targeting conservative groups? >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. i think it was on friday. >> no one at the office thought to run that up the flagpole. i wouldn't be surprised if president obama learned that osama bin laden was killed when he saw himself announcing it on television. >> i don't think that anyone believes the president has given a sufficient answer for america. i think this is just the beginning. >> you didn't
with the man about to leave the top job at the irs facing a relentless, brutal, bipartisan grilling today on capitol hill. the big question, though, who else is responsible for the agency's targeting of controversitive group -- considerative groups? steven miller and another top official forced to resign. miller said his agents made, quote, unquote, foolish mistakes and provided horrible customer service. he called those mistakes intolerable. >> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for he mistakes we made and poor service we provided. the affected organizations and the american public deserve better. partisanship or even the perception of partisanship has no place at the irs, it cannot even appear to be a consideration in determining the tax exemption of an organization. >> greg: that rhetoric not withstan, went on to argue his agents were not on a partisan mission. rather, they faced a growing up in or applications for this tax exempt status and were trying to find ways to handle a heavy work load more efficiently. still, many democrats joi
as well, neither was your explanation today. >> don't want the irs ever being perceived to be bias and anything less than neutral. this is something that people are properly concerned about. >> neil: that is an understatement, and get ready, this is about to get worse, and apparently the message from conservatives is this: not being straight about what happened in benghazi is one thing. going straight to the irs to target groups you don't like, that is quite another thing. and that is the charge, and that is the fear. so much we don't know. this much we do. if richard nixon once famously said he gave his enemies a sword, this president might have just given them a chain saw. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. now it's tea partiers who want to dunk the president, because they are still not have the agency going after him and whether he or anyone in his administration told the irs to do it, my next guess has had it, predicted it, dealt with it, and now wants to speak out more about it. mark on the phone with us now. mark, what did you make of the president's attempted explanation of
morning. fox's alert on the scandal of the irs targeting certain groups widening. there is a report that the irs had a so-called look theout list and they were department in limbo for years. martha: good to have you back. here is the latest on this. the justice department and the fbi opened criminal investigations of the irs treatment of these groups. we are told 500 organizations were singled out for additional scrutiny and groups with liberal names got none of this scrutiny and they were approved for tax exempt status. they went through the process in 9 months. the conservative groups on the list had to wait up to 3 years. >> i had the commissioner of the irs in front of my subcommittee and he denied this was going on. he flat out denied it. >> reporter: did he even bother to look? >> it begs the question. was he not aware of what was going on in his agency for was he lying? bill: where are we on this story this morning? >> reporter: the anger here is on two different tracks. one is the report blames ineffective management. so what the irs was doing there, angry about on capitol h
noise. it worked for a while on benghazi, then abc news revealed the revised talking points. then he irs admitted 'controversitive groups targeted. and then the just department admitted the ap reporters targeted. john mccain calling for a special committee to look into benghazi on this show. others demanding reporters. reporters up in arms and a who is press secretary up against the wall. it's not how many of these scandals keep popping up but how fast they keep popping up. so here's what could be another summer bummer for an embattled white house all over again. what are we to make of this? >> well, neil, all coming together all at once for an administration that, you're right, has had a bit of a ride for a while that the press was seen as being fairly lenient with it, we'll say. but now it is clearly engaged across the board on a number of fronts, and the irs scandal is coming to a head. you can see democrats and republicans coming out with statements left and right that disthis will really be something that both sides of capitol hill will look at intensely, with hearing after hearing
to say about the irs. your favorite department, right? favorite agency? wad back here tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. them. leftovers. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> wow. what happened to that? the obama administration is now stonewalling three separate controversies. and it is paying a terrible price. >> how does the president say with a straight face americans who trust their government? >> bill: tonight, we will report on all the controversies with bob beckel, kirsten powers, dennis miller, james rosen, and carl cameron. >> bill o'reilly wants to know how you think the country is doing right now. >> it's a longer discussion than a red carpet. bill buy the world stunned by actress angelina jolie underwent a double mastectomy. a close friend of ours did that as well. we will talk about e.d. hill about her discussion. >> late breaking news. the president fires the head of the irs. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'r
: ahead of that crucial hearing on the irs scandal tomorrow, the white housing too more damage control today. >> i can assure you that i certainly tide not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked through press... >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. the president says he tide not know anything about the inspector general report leaked to the congress and the press, burt will the outcoming head of the irs have a different story? steven miller is set to testify about his knowledge of the irs scandal. and the president tapping dan werfel as acting internal revenue service director. tea party groups are fired up and now demanding a full audit of the irs and the scandal might drag on but the benghazi issue has been fully vetted. why michelle bachmann isn't remotely buying it or any of this. she is up in a moment. first, james rossen in washington with the latest. >> good afternoon. president obama today promised to deal with any structural or management issues that may have contributed to the irs's targeting of conservative-leaning groups. in a news conference w
'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report," the long arm of the irs stretching further and further tonight, why they are looking for more information from not just political groups, but you. also, if stocks are not your thing, how to put your money into alternative investments. and jolie took a drastic step to prevent breast cancer. we'll ask the doctor if the extreme move is the way to go. we're on the case tonight on "the willis report." ♪ >> the top story tonight, the ever-increasing scandal is targeting conservative groups is getting bigger. new details, and now eric holder ordered a criminal investigation. the inspector general's report the early details of which touched off the scandal obtained by fox business in the hot hands right now. president obama's spokesman said he was confident knowing the white house was involved and scoffed at any comparisons to watergate, with us now, the center of law and justice defending people against the irs, and americans for tax reform did extensive research on the the tactics of the irs, and jennifer from americans for prosperity, which
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